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Kelly Smith
117 Caps
46 Goals for England
9 Hat-tricks

Kelly Smith

Football Coach
Kelly Smith, MBE is a former Arsenal and England international forward who represented England 117 times with a career spanning over 20 years. Kelly played in 4 European Championships, 2 World Cups and was a London 2012 Olympian. Kelly’s dedication, skill and expertise led her to be the current all time record goal scorer with 46 goals.

“It is very exciting to be a part of SLOCOACH and help others grow to be the best they can! My area of specialty is attacking play. I will monitor, listen and work with you to enhance your performance by developing bespoke drills to meet your needs. I will use my experience to guide you on how to be your best." – Kelly
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117 Caps
46 Goals for England
9 Hat-tricks


Fifa’s Top 10 Players of the Year 2006/2007/2008/2009
20 Arsenal Trophies 1997-2016
30 Arsenal Goals in 34 Games 2006/2007

Classes with Kelly

Kelly Smith's Free Guide To Taking Penalties

Penalties can be quite daunting for some people going 1 on 1 versus the goalkeeper, but there's no better feeling than netting the ball from 12 yards out. In this virtual guide I share some of my tips and tricks for taking penalties that I've picked up throughout my career, covering both technical and mental elements that you can put in to practice. Next time the game goes to a shootout do you want to be ready if your number is called? This free downloadable guide is for you!

2 Session Bundle

Free Training Drills with Kelly Smith

When I first started playing the game I didn’t have access to facilities or coaching so I had to train on my own. These drills are designed so you can do them no matter where you are or who is with you. Putting in extra hours of training using drills like these are what made me the player I became and they can do the same for you!

What's covered?
  • 1x First Touch & Ball Control Drills Team up with Kelly Smith to work on your first touch and ball control. It costs nothing but your time, so sign up to get your FREE session today!
  • 1x Shooting & Finishing Drills Team up with Kelly Smith to work on your shooting and finishing. It costs nothing but your time, so sign up to get your FREE session today!

Open Class with Kelly Smith

This session puts you in the driving seat, allowing YOU to choose exactly what you want me to help you improve. How it works? Upload 4 x videos of you working on a football skill you want to get better at. I’ll review it and get back to you with a personal video that covers ways to improve your techniques, your overall skills and the next steps we need to take so that you can #beyourbest.

Live Class

Teams and Club Live Masterclass

Looking for some extra coaching as a team? In this class your whole squad (up to 15 players) will be able to join the class as we break down your game footage together live. Speak to a member of the SLOCOACH team before booking this so we can work out a date and time that works for you!

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Kelly's Ratings

"Really enjoyed the session! "
Faye rated Kelly
"Loved it. Was very inspiring and the advice was amazing. Thank you. "
Bethan rated Kelly
"A really great session, with some great insights into different tactical and technical parts of the game. Very interesting to listen to how Kelly sees..."
Annie rated Kelly
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